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One of the basic functions of any government should be to facilitate access to information and educational tools for all citizens of the world. In the United States today; reality is significantly different from what people are lead to believe concerning what our elected officials and leaders are constantly saying about the value of Education, Democracy, and Freedom here in the United States and throughout the World.

The Educational  System in the United States today is in a shambles both at the primary and secondary levels, and in higher education. The system does not provide the intellectual nourishment necessary to propagate a creative free-thinking society of individuals. The Mission of the Open Education Foundation is to provide Free access to Information and the Educational Tools which can be used to build a knowledge base which will accelerate the development of technologies which will be necessary for each of us to survive in the 21st century. Our goal is to help make a quality education available to anyone, at any time, anywhere throughout the world; by utilizing all of the technological tools which are available and will be available in the future.

The Open Education Foundation is a non-profit Organization which will act as a clearing house for the development and archiving of:
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